Name Tag Printing/Check in

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This article will walk you through some tips and tricks for making sure your check in kiosks and name tag printing are working properly.

1. Firefox is the browser that works best for this set up. We recommend using Firefox for these workflows. Ensure you have the correct DYMO Firefox plug-in installed, set as ALWAYS ACTIVATE in the bottom right hand corner.

2. Ensure you have the correct DYMO software installed on your computer. The DYMO printer MUST be DISCONNECTED when running the installation.

  1. If you are using a Windows machine, follow the link here:


3. If you already have the DYMO installation, please follow these instructions:

1. First, you will need to uninstall your DYMO Label Software from your 'Add/Remove Programs'(XP) or 'Programs and Features' (Vista,7/8/10), from the Control Panel. After uninstalling, let's go to 'My Computer' (XP) or 'Computer' (Vista,7/8/10) in your Start Menu. 
Note: Please make sure that you have access to view the Hidden Folders. If you would like to verify, please follow these steps: At the top of the window go to 'Tools' then 'Folder Options'. Under the 'View' tab scroll down to make sure that 'Hidden Files and Folders' are shown. If not, select and place a check in that option, to make them viewable. 
2. Clear the print queue. Ensure there are no copies of the printer. Disconnect the LabelWriter printer, via the USB connection, from the computer.
3. Uninstall the DYMO Label Software as an Administrator.
4. Delete all DYMO folders located on the local C: Drive.
Folder Locations (for XP):
C:\Program Files\ DYMO (Delete the DYMO folder)
C:\Documents and Settings\ User name\Local Settings\Application Data\ (Delete the DYMO folder and the Sanford .LP folder)
C:\Documents and Settings\ User name\Application Data (Delete the DYMO folder)
Folder Locations (for Windows 7, 8 or 10)
C:\Program Files (32-bit) OR Program Files x86 (64-bit)\DYMO (Delete the DYMO folder)
C:\Users\ User name\ AppData\ Local (Delete the DYMO and Sanford L.P folder)
C:\ProgramData (Delete the DYMO folder)
5. After removing the DYMO folders, click on the Start Menu and find 'Run...' While in 'Run...' type in the following: regedit.  Click Enter and a registry of all installed files on the computer should appear. Under here look under the following lists and remove the DYMO folders:
Following, (with the USB still disconnected) restart the computer. Once the computer has loaded back up please click here to download and install this version, 8.5.4 of the DYMO Label Software.
NoteDo not connect the USB cable to your computer until instructed to do so during the software installation. If you have a label printer already installed, disconnect the USB cable from your computer before running the installer and reconnect the cable when instructed to do so.
At the end of the installer, please wait for the Installation Wizard to prompt you the following message, "If this is a new installation, please connect the printer now". It will give you this message before you click 'Finish'. At that point, please connect the printer and wait for the "New Found hardware" or "Installing device driver software" pop-up to appear. 
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