Why are the schools I requested to post jobs at not showing when I'm creating a job?

Tawnya -

If you have already picked out the schools you want to post jobs at and are at the end of creating a job and found yourself trying to pick the schools to post a job to but don't see any or some of them there, this means that the school (or schools) have not been approved yet or have not granted you the permission to post a job. 


If you have been approved at a school and been granted the permission to post jobs, you will see the following in the "Schools" section which can be found in the example shown below highlighted in red: 


Because the school used in the example shows the role (or permission) "Post Jobs" and the status "Approved", this job being created will show the school as an option to select. This can be found in the example below highlighted in red: 


If the status of a school under the "Schools" section of Handshake shows "Approved" but is missing the role of "Post Jobs", please reach out to the schools Career Service Center and let them know as this may be an accidental error. You can find this information by clicking on the schools name which will take you to their landing page and show their contact information. 



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