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Welcome to Handshake and thank you for taking the time to read this article! This information should answer many questions you may have and set some expectations so you know what you will go through during the signup process. 


All of the School's and Students/Alumni are really excited to interact with you and have you join the Handshake network! Your contributions will help pave the road for their future. In order to accomplish this and prevent fraud and negative experiences, we have setup a process that every Employer user will need to go through before getting started. The safety of Students and Alumni is Handshake's highest priority. 


As a user with an Employer profile, you will primarily be interacting with a School's Career Service Center. The Career Service users are going to act as a sturdy bridge between their Students/Alumni and you. As a result, a portion of the process for getting started will be through them, while the other parts will be exercised yourself or through others such as people in your company that are already using Handshake. 


Getting Started: 

If you are a first time user, you will need to create your user account to sign in with. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they will work the best through this process. The link to get started is below and when clicked will open in a new window so you can easily refer to this article: Click here to create a new Employer account! 


  1. You should see the following page 

Note: Any information you enter in here will not be able to be changed until you have fully completed the signup process so please be certain you want to use the information entered in! 


Please fill in all of the information shown and when you are done, click the "Sign Up" button: 

First Name: Enter the name you like to go by

Last Name: Enter in your last name that you go by

Email Address: This will be very important to enter in correctly with no misspelling or typos so please make sure you take your time! You will need to verify your email by receiving an email in your inbox so if there's any error in how this is typed, you will not be able to receive it. If this happens, you will need to contact Handshake Support and they will need to delete it and ask for you to start over. We ask that you use your work (corporate) email if possible and have one but understand this is not always the case.(*)

Password: Your password will need to be nine (9) characters or more, include at least one letter, number or symbol and can't be the same as your email address. 

Confirm Password: Type the same password you typed in the other box

Phone Number: This cannot be left blank and will only be used for the Career Service Centers to help verify or reach out to you to help you out. Other users will not be able to see this unless you choose to make your profile public later. 


(*)The reason for this is because when a school is reviewing your account to connect with them and post jobs, having a work/corporate email rather then a generic email is much easier for them to verify. This generally speeds up the process and won't need to question the authenticity. If you are going to use a generic email, please make sure that it's somehow tied to certain credible areas of the Internet that can be found. This can be a website, Social Media sites and any other means that will help your credibility when the school goes through their verification check. 


After filling this out, you will then be taken to to the next page which will show the following: 


You will need to fill out only the first section in order to continue, however we encourage you to fill out the rest for the School's Career Service users to be able to see if they view your profile. In the first box, these are general major groups you can select so please find and check the boxes that you think will apply or be as close as possible.


Once you have made your selections and click "Continue", you will then have a pop-up window show up with the Handshake Employer Guidelines as seen in the following example: 


If you are a 3rd party recruiter working on behalf of a company, please be sure to click the "Yes" box as shown in the red box and will then need to agree to the terms and conditions. You will not be able to change this later. This will also help The Career Service Center's know so that they can properly assist you with your wants and needs. 

Once you have made your decision, click "Continue". 


Congratulations! You just finished the first step to the account creation process! 


Now that you have finished that part, you will now need to verify your email address so that we know you are a real person, have access to your account and will also be able to receive important emails from Handshake. You should see this on your screen: 

Example shown


To verify your email, please check your inbox for an email titled "Email Confirmation" and open it so that you see the following that looks like the example shown: 


If you have not received the email, please allow anywhere from three (3) to ten (10) minutes to show up in your inbox. If it is still not showing, please check the following: 

  • Check your spam and junk folders to ensure that emails are not being filtered out.
  • Check with your IT department and ask them to whitelist Handshake or check for quarantined emails.
  • Add to your email contacts or address book.

If you have done all of the following, please reach out to Handshake Support by sending an email to 

Note: Handshake Support will be able to check the email logs to ensure that the email is being sent out successfully but if everything shows as being healthy and being sent out with no issues, we will not have any control of your own email and will need for you to have this be handled by your Email Service Provider or IT department. 



If you have found this email, click the "Confirm Email" button. This will take you to the next step which will be to affiliate yourself with an Employer Profile (The business you work at). There are a few different options that could show on your screen: 


Your Companies Employer Profile Is Already Created: 

In a lot of cases, you will see the company profile that you work at show as an option to request to join. If you see this, it will look similar to this fake company as an example and will want to click the "Request to Join" button: 

This will usually show the logo, name of the business, the location and the website URL address. If you request to join the profile of choice, an alert will be sent out to all of the users that are already Handshake users on the account and will have the ability to approve your request to join.

What to do if you are not approved in 3-5 business days: If you do not get approved by anyone and don't get any sort of email from someone on the account, please try to contact your company and see if anyone knows who may be a user on the account and can help with this. If you are unable to make any forward progress, you can also reach out to one of the Schools Career Service Centers that you are planning to work with and see if they would be willing to manually add you onto your company's Employer account. They may want to ask you questions to make sure you belong on the profile so that there is no future confusion for anyone. 



You Don't See Your Company Profile Showing Or Only See "Create New Company": 

In some cases, you may see other Employer Profile's but not the one you need, will have the option to search for a company to connect to or have the option to "Create  New Company" as shown in the example below: 

If you are given this option and wish to do so, please click here to be taken to another Help Center Article (opens in new window) which will walk you through how to complete this. 



Once you have submitted your request or completed the creation of your Employer Profile, you will then move onto the next screen which will ask you what you schools you would like to request to connect with. 


Requesting To Connect With Schools: 

You should now see the following as an example and will want to select the schools that you want to connect with to do things such as posting jobs, taking part in events and fairs and much more: 

To add schools, you will simply need to click the "+" symbol. (**) and can select as many as you would like. Keep in mind that each school selected will be sent an approval requesting to connect with them. In some cases, you may also come across a school that is part of a consortia. If you select one of these schools, you will see the following example come up: 

Although it will auto-select the schools if you confirm, you can still remove the schools that were chosen by clicking on the check mark. When you are ready to move forward, click the "Continue" button in the lower right hand corner. 


(**) If you do not see the "+" symbol and cannot select schools, the browser you are using is unable to identify what is on the web page and will want to try using a browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead. 


Congratulations! You have finished completing the Employer Setup! 

At this point, you will either still be waiting to join an employer profile still or will be at your Home Page which means that you have successfully joined an Employer Profile to affiliate yourself with. 


For more information to reference including articles, webinars and more, please take a look at our Help Center here. 


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