How do I know if my request to connect with a School was approved?

Tawnya -

If you have requested to connect to a school so that you can do things such as post jobs, attend events and more, you can view the status in the "Schools" section which can be found on the left-hand sidebar on the screen. 

There is a process that takes place that every Employer needs to go through before you can post a job and/or take advantage of everything Handshake has to offer to Employers.



There are four statuses that can show under the section "Schools":


- Pending: If you see the status of "Pending", this means that a request to connect (to be able to post jobs, request events, etc) has been sent to the School's Career Service Center but has not been reviewed yet. It will usually take 1-3 business days to receive a reply back with a decision but if this doesn't happen, you can also reach out to the school directly by clicking on the link of the School's name which will take you to their landing page and display their contact information.


- In Progress: If you see the status "In Progress", this means that your request is currently pulled up and is being reviewed. In most cases this will not show for a very long time and will see the status change to some sort of decision. It's also possible that it could be set back to "Pending" so please don't be alarmed if this happens. 


- Approved: If you see the status "Approved", this means that the school has reviewed all of your information and has granted you with the ability to request to do things such as post jobs, request to hold and attend events, fairs and more. Please keep in mind that even though you have been approved, you will still want to make sure that under the "Roles" area within the "Schools" page, you see the needed permissions to do certain things. In most cases you will see "Post Jobs, Post Events, and Post Interview Schedules." If you don't see any of these but have been approved, please reach out to the school to inquire about this.


- Denied: If you see the status "Denied", this means that the school has pulled up your request to connect with them and viewed all of your information and found something that was a concern or may have simply not been interested. Most of the time, these can be corrected and the School's will leave you a message with instructions of what things they would like to request to have done before you can be approved. This can be found by clicking on the link of the school's name and then you will see the comments and activity that has taken place. If you do not see anything there and wish to inquire why this decision was made, you will need to reach out to the school's Career Service Center since we do not know their reasoning for their decisions. They will be the only ones with the power and authority to reverse the decision.


Some additional information: 

In the case of wanting to post jobs, if you are able to be "Approved" by the School's you wish to connect with and have the role that shows "Post Jobs" next to the School in the "Schools" section of Handshake, this means that you can now request to post a job to the School. If you have already created a job or wish to create a job, this can be done in the "Job Templates" section. There will be a section in the job creation dedicated to picking the schools you want to post to and can click the "+" symbols to add the schools. (Note: only the schools that you have been approved with and show the role "Post Jobs" will show here)

Keep in mind that once the job has been created and requested to post to a school, it will still need to be reviewed and approved by the School's Career Service Center and show similar status messages under the "Job Posting" section. Any job that shows "Pending" is not live but if you see it show "Approved", this means that the job is live and student/alumni can see it.


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