How Handshake is FERPA Compliant

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We know you’re placing your trust in our company to maintain and use student data in a secure and responsible manner. Consequently, we take substantial measures to safeguard and secure the data under our control - for example, by protecting it from unauthorized access, unintended use, harmful alteration, unlawful destruction, or accidental loss - in close accordance with FERPA, industry best practices, and other applicable laws and guidelines. At Handshake, your satisfaction with our privacy and security practices is paramount. You can read the latest version of our privacy disclosures here.


From the start, we built Handshake to respect school’s FERPA compliance requirements and we’re proud that almost 1,000 leading institutions have vetted and approved our process. Universities remain in control of educational records we receive when providing career center functionality, such as scheduling appointments or maintaining student records. Students may also form an independent relationship with Handshake, allowing them to continue receiving the benefits of our professional networking and career development services. Additionally, every Handshake employee gets trained on FERPA, data privacy, and system security when they start at the company, and regularly re-trained throughout their tenure with Handshake.


This site will give you a much deeper dive into our data privacy and security practices. If you have more questions after you take a look, please reach out with any questions.

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