Understanding School Approvals

Tawnya -

When an employer creates a Handshake account and requests access to specific Universities, each University must review and approve the employer before granting them access to their students data.

All new users from the same employer must be approved to join the approved employer’s account. Universities rely on several factors when considering approval, including a prior working relation with the employer, whether the employer has been approved by other universities, and how well established or recognizable the employer is.

Each school on Handshake is independently responsible for approving, declining, and giving roles to their employers and every school has different deciding factors when selecting which employers to connect with and which jobs to approve.

Because of this, there is not a way to resubmit or reset approval requests once they have been initially requested, and we're unable to provide insight into why they may have made the decision that they did. In this case, we highly recommend reaching out to the Career Services Center in order to inquire further and be reconsidered for approval. We find that many employers find success in reaching out to the schools about this directly!

You can get the contact information for the Career Services Center by searching for and clicking on the name of the University in the top blue search bar. The information will be located on the left side of their profile page.


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