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We understand that the Handshake Training courses take a lot of time.  To make things easier, we've broken down the trainings by role type below!  As a reminder, we recommend identifying one main POC to serve as the Implementation lead and Handshake expert, that person should take all the courses.

Our ongoing trainings (in a webinar format) can be found here and you can click on the links below to go directly to the videos:

For Everyone:

  • Career Services View & Navigating Handshake: Review of Handshake’s layout and navigation, rundown of user settings, and an introduction to all Handshake resources. This is the first step in understanding how Handshake works. 
  • Creating Career Services, Student & Employer Accounts: Step-by-step process of creating Career Services, Student & Employer accounts. Learn how to create accounts for your colleagues and student and employer accounts for testing purposes. 
  • After that you can view the courses in whatever order you would like!

Suggestions by Role:

Career Counseling

  • Managing Students: A thorough review of Manage Students tab, Incoming Student Requests, Student Profile, and Student Engagement Reporting. Gain mastery in managing your students efficiently and effectively. 
  • Appointment Qualifications: Learn how to create an appointment type, qualify certain students for that appointment type, then add the appointment type to your user profile.

  • Approving AppointmentsUnderstand the workflow for approving an appointment and the different actions that can be taken from the appointment details page. 

  • Drop In Appointments Overview: Learn about the process for opening a check in kiosk and understand how a student checks in for a drop in appointment. 

  • Surveys: Creating a Survey and inviting Students to take the Survey. Get feedback from your students using this Handshake feature. 

Employer Relations




For a full list of available training, please visit Career Services Training Videos.

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