How to Approve Staff Members at a Company

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Important Note: This is something that only the Owner of the company profile has the ability to perform. 

You may also manually add a Staff Member by following these steps.

There are two options when approving new users to connect to your company on Handshake:

  1. You can either manually approve each request as they come in, OR
  2. You can set Handshake to automatically approve all requests that come from an email address with your domain.  
    1. Please note that auto-approval of staff only works if your company is the only account using your email domain. Companies with multiple company profiles using the same domain cannot use auto-approval of staff.

 To Manually Approve Staff Members: 

  • Log into Handshake and click on the User Requests icon in the top toolbar of your screen.

  • You'll immediately see a list of staff members waiting for approval to join the company profile. You can toggle between lists of Waiting, Successful, Rejected, Failes, and All requests. 

  • Click on the hamburger menu at the end of the row of the staff member you'd like to approve. A dropdown will populate where you can view the user, view their request, quickly decline their request, or quickly ignore their request.

  • To approve this user, click View Request.
  • A popup will appear with quick details about the user's request.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If the user's account does not have an email address with a domain that matches with your company's, please proceed with extreme caution (see example warning below)
  • Click on either Approve or Reject to take action on this user's request. If approved, the user will be automatically notified via email of their account's approval. No email is sent if the user is rejected. 

Note: If you reject someone who later needs to be approved, you cannot undo your rejection from this screen. Rather, navigate to the Staff Management tab of your Company Settings page and type the user's email address into the "Add existing user by email..." box and click Add User. This will override the rejection and automatically add the user to your company.


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