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S3 Email Notification Updates:

- Student Files transferred through S3 will now send both an pre-run analysis and a post-run follow-up via email.

- At least one user from your office should be on the "Email Recipient" list to receive these.

Important things to remember:

  • Make sure that at least 1 member of your office has the "view_all_jobs" permission in the Importer App; This will allow you to view files transferred into Handshake via s3

  • All files sent through s3 are sent in "test mode" until the school confirms they are done testing and request "autorun to be enabled"

  • If you do not have autorun enabled but are sending files, you will receive an alert in your file's analysis report

  • Files transferred via s3 must be students only
  • If you have autorun enabled but need to do further testing, send our support team a request to disable autorun. Remember that you must await confirmation that it's been disabled before sending any files through s3 that are test! We will not delete this data.

  • Periodically check your syncs to ensure overall data quality is up to par


For more information on troubleshooting or using the Importer App, please see:

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