Student Launch Tool Kit Fall 2017

Tawnya -

We're thrilled for the launch of the new Student Dashboard, Handshake Mobile and Campus Profiles on 8/24! These products will increase student engagement (meaning better outcomes), amplify the impact and visibility of Career Services on campus, and unlock peer to peer learning (learn more). In preparation, our marketing and design team have created a launch kit to help you promote these new products to your students. You can access the launch kit here.
The launch kit includes: 
  • Talking Points - print this out to make sure you and your staff are highlighting key benefits to students. 
  • Digital poster - please print and post across campus to illustrate how to get started on Handshake. 
  • Digital flyer - please print and distribute around campus, keep extra copies in the Career Center, and share with faculty and clubs for greater reach. 
  • Table Tent - print this, fold it in half and then in half again and rest on tables in the student union, cafeterias, and library to catch students' attention in their day to day routine.
  • Copy and imagery - starting the week of 8/21 (and beyond), use this for social media and your website. Just copy and paste in your tried and tested channels. 
  • Product Screenshots - familiarize yourself with the new student products and use these for any emails, events or communications with students. Your account managers will be free to answer any questions. 
  • Slides from "How to Launch New Student Products." Feel free to repurpose! 
What's coming...
  • Mobile launch video - we filmed the video the week of 7/31 and are editing the week of 8/7. We will notify you when it's available. 
If you're at a loss or have additional requests, please reach out to your Account Manager. 
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