Supporting Your Employers: Check Employer Status at Their Company

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Often, as a Career Services user, you will be working with an employer who is having difficulty connecting, and it doesn't look like the user is pending approval at your school. This is probably because they are pending approval at their company, NOT your school yet.

This process outlines the things that you can do to check on your end before reaching out to Handshake Support.

  • Search for the user's name up in the top blue bar (NOT in the Contacts or Employer tabs because these users are not yet added to the school's database):

  • Selecting this will navigate to the employers profile. Here, you will see information about the profile status - in this example, it shows that the user is pending approval from the company itself, not the school.

  • In order to either add this user to the company, or locate the company owner that the Employer user can reach out to, you can select the link for "on this page" to see the company's staff page.

  • Here, as a Career Services user, you do have the ability to manually add staff members by their email address. We recommend only doing this for small companies, or when there are no other staff on the account to check with:

  • If you attempt to add a new user to a company profile that does not have a matching email domain, you'll see the following error appear in the lower right: Screen_Shot_2019-10-21_at_4.39.45_PM.png


  • Otherwise, we recommend reaching out to the Employer that is having the issue joining the company, and sharing the contact info for the owner of the account. Only the owner can approve new users; recruiters do not have this ability. We recommend doing this for large companies, or when the user has a different email domain from the rest of the staff on the company account.

These steps can help with a double check that enables you as a Career Services user to get quick answers to confused employers!

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