About Deleting a Job Posting

Tawnya -

Rather than deleting job postings, we strongly encourage employers to expire the job postings instead. Deleting a job will remove it from the platform entirely. To retain this information, you can expire the job posting instead, which will easily remove the job from your immediate view. Learn how to expire a job posting here: Expiring a job posting

Please note that if there are any applicants already connected to the job, you will not be able to delete the posting.

There are a few cases where it does makes sense to delete the job posting altogether. One such case would be if you created a job posting but never posted it to any schools.

  • To delete a job posting, click Jobs from the left hand menu and click directly on the name of the job you wish to delete.

  •  Next, click Edit Details

  •  From here, the Delete button will be located next to Save, towards the bottom right of your screen. Click directly on Delete to proceed with this process. 

  • You will be asked to confirm your deletion request. Click on Confirm to process the Deletion of this job posting. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once this is selected, the job is fully deleted and there is no way to bring it back. 


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