How Can I Increase My Trust Score?

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Handshake automatically calculates an internal Trust Score for each employer on the platform. This Trust Score is generated to simply help Career Services teams easily view, at a glance, an Employer's general activity on Handshake.

You can view your Trust Score by clicking on Company Profile in the left hand navigation bar and scrolling down until you see Trust Score towards the bottom right of the page.

Important Notes:

  • Your Trust Score will remain N/A until you have done some sort of activity on Handshake. This includes posting jobs, requesting events, registering for fairs, etc. School approvals/declines do factor into the overall score, but they will not generate the initial score.
  • Trust Scores are not something that can be seen by students.

  • Please note that Trust Scores do not update automatically, but over a period of about 24 hours. 

Ways to Improve Your Trust Score: 

It's important to keep in mind that this Trust Score represents a number of different factors. These factors include:

  • Your activity level on the platform

  • The number of approvals various schools

  • How long your company has been on the platform

  • Company profile completeness

  • Whether or not your company has a valid web address

The best way to increase your Trust Score on Handshake is to keep in mind the above bullet points. Some areas to proactively focus on is activity level, approvals from schools, and company profile completeness. 

Activity Level:

Company Profile Completeness:

  • The best way to improve this is to make sure you have full, complete, and matching information on your company profile. Examples of this would include: a company email domain that matches your company, a working website that matches your company, forward facing contact information (email, phone number, etc). If you're the owner of your company's profile, you can edit it at any time by following the steps here: How to Edit your Company Profile

School Approvals:

  • if you have a number of declines with schools at your company, we recommend that you reach out directly to Schools that have declined you to request to be reconsidered for approval. 
  • Each school is independently responsible for approving, declining, and giving roles to their employers and every school has different deciding factors when selecting which employers to connect with. Reaching out directly to their Career Services Office will open lines of communication between your company and the school, and you may be able to provide them any missing information that they may need to approve you with them on Handshake.
  • You can get the contact information of each University by searching for and clicking on the name of the College in the top blue search bar. The information will be located on the left side of their profile page.


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