How to Send a Job or Event Campaign

Tawnya -

Job and Event Campaigns allow you to send messages to many students at once, promoting a Job or Event to students that are within your approved school list and meet your preferences. The message will link directly to the Job or Event on Handshake and allow for seamless tracking of applicants or event registrants.

Campaigns are a Premium feature. please email for more information.

Selecting Students: When you click 'Create Campaign' from the Job or Event listing, you'll reach the Student Search page with the relevant schools and filters (matching your preferences) pre-selected. You can then make additional selections or add keywords to further refine your recipient list. 
Sending Messages: Once you've selected a list of students, simply click 'Send Message' which will open the Message window. This allows composition of a message, similar to how you might in a web email service. From this window, you can choose to save a Template for future use, or use a previously saved template. 
Messaging Preferences: To maintain a high quality student experience, you can prevent students receiving messages if they've applied for jobs or previously received messages from your company. 

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