How to Submit Product Feedback

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Does the Product Team review my feedback?

Yes! At Handshake, feedback from our users plays a significant role in our product planning and we always appreciate your insight and support. We closely track each piece of feedback that is submitted - whether you share your thoughts with a Support Agent, your Account Manager, or through the general ticket form, our product managers review each and every request!

How should I format my feedback?

There are a few simple things you can do to help us understand and evaluate your request. We'll walk through the steps and share an example

Set the scene

  • What area of the product are you referring to (experiences, surveys, mass emails, etc.)?
  • How is it working now?

Share your dreams

  • What do you want to be able to do?
  • What do you want it to look like?

Tell us the "why"

  • What's the use case here? What is your typical workflow and how would your suggestion help?
  • How often would you use this? Is it something you would use twice a year, or does it impact your day-to-day?
  • Is it a nice-to-have, or is it crucial to your workflow? Please don't think we'll ignore the request if you tell us it's not critical. Believe us - we like nice things, too.



This is a real example of how product feedback helped us prioritize a new feature we wouldn't have otherwise had on our product roadmap:

Subject: Product Feedback: Two Way Calendar Sync



It would be nice for my Handshake appointment calendar to sync with my campus Google calendar, and vice versa. I know that I can export appointment info from Handshake to my external calendar, but this is currently just a one-way stream of information.

Workflow example:

I've had several students book an appointment with me in Handshake after I had another meeting scheduled in my Google calendar. This was because I forgot to update my appointment block availability after that meeting was scheduled in Google. It's very tedious to adjust every time a new event is scheduled in my external calendar. Is there a way that this scheduled event could auto-populate as "unavailable" in Handshake?

Example links: Student appointments where this occurred:

Example screenshot: (include a screenshot of what you are currently seeing)



That's just about it! By thinking about a few simple questions, you can help us knock the socks off of our product manager when we pass your feedback along!

 What happens after I submit product feedback?

Typically, one of three things will happen when you submit product feedback:

  1. We'll ask you for more information. If you haven't addressed one of the questions above, we may ask you to clarify something.
  2. We'll let you know it's something we're not going to consider. We want to be honest with you and tell you when something will not be on our radar.
  3. We'll pass it on to our product team. From there, they will track the request and will reach back out with any updates!
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