How Does a Merge Work?

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What Is a Merge?

A company profile merge may take place if there are duplicate company profiles found in Handshake. A merge may also take place if separate company profiles exist in Handshake as divisions, that should all really be under a parent company profile. 

Handshake may be different from systems you're used to working with, as it was designed to have a single company profile for each brand - for each company or organization on Handshake, there should be only one company profile. We've discovered that multiple company profiles representing the same company (even for regional or divisional recruiting) can confuse career service offices and result in unnecessary flags. Furthermore, it can add confusion to students as they seek out your opportunities.

  • This article here will walk you through how to add divisions to your company: How do I add divisions to my company? 

    • Divisions currently exist for job postings and career fair registrations. Separate company descriptions, branding images, websites, etc. will not be able to added in a division.  

    • Important Note: you will need to be the Owner of your company's profile in Handshake to create divisions. Read more about this here.

What Happens During A Merge:

  • A merge will take up to 7 days for us to process the request. We will send a warning to the affected employers and give them a week to respond.

  • A merge does not alter user log in credentials (each user retains their own user account), job postings, school approvals, or historical data. 

  • A merge will combine any duplicate company profiles into one centralized profile, in which divisions in that company can then be created.

  • A merge will not reset any school approvals, however the merge will reset your Favorite Schools List. This is intended functionality, which allows each recruiter to separately create their individual list of just the schools they're interested in connecting with on Handshake. This is part of our Choose Your Schools feature, and schools can easily be added to your list by following the steps here: How to Add a School to Your Favorites List. 


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