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Handshake now offers enhanced account management options to keep your account secure. These new options are being rolled out to all employers during the month of June.

Three Employer User Account Types

  • Owner: One user per company profile may be the Owner. This user has the ability to all roles, including editing the company's branding page and managing staff. 
  • Administrator: Admins have the exact same abilities as the Owner. This role is only offered as part of our premium employer package. 
  • Recruiter: The most common role among users connected to a company profile. Recruiters have all roles and abilities, with the exception of editing the company's branding page and managing staff. 

The main update is that each company account will be able to differentiate between an Owner and a Recruiter, for a clear stratification of roles.  An Owner will be initially designated based on past usage data (e.g. original account permissions, number of logins, etc) by Handshake.  If you wish to change the owner of an account, you can reach out to our Support Team.

Benefits of an Account Owner

  • Clear point of contact for new recruiters at your company trying to gain access to Handshake
  • Account security: Only the Account Owner can approve new recruiters, and disable old accounts
  • Brand security: Only the Account Owner can make updates to your company page

Changes to Recruiter Accounts - what happens to everyone else?

  • Recruiters will no longer be able to edit your company branding page, the account information of other recruiters, or approve new recruiters trying to gain access to your company's account
  • Other than that, their experience will stay the same - recruiters will have full access to post jobs, interviews and events.

Account Owners: Approving Accounts

  • Only admins will receive an email alert to approve or decline new recruiters that need access to their company
  • Admins will be alerted in Handshake of any accounts waiting for approval with a notification icon



Additional Resources for Owners and Admins: 

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