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If you need to update your email address on your Handshake account, or transfer it to another user, this can be done as long as the new email address is not currently in use on a Handshake account.

To change your own email address as an Employer user: 

  1. Open your User Settings, which can be found by clicking on your name in the right hand corner of the page
  2. Click Change Email

  3. This will ask you for the new email address that you would like associated with your account.
    • Note: You will not be able to change your email if there is already an existing account in Handshake using that email address, or if you are attempting to change your email to an email address with a generic domain (i.e., gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) 
    • If you attempt to change your email to an email with a company domain that is different from your company's current listed domain, you will be able to change your email, however you will be removed from the company profile, and an existing staff member will need to re-approve you. 

  4. Enter your new email and click Submit Request
  5. This will send two emails, one to your existing email address and one to the new email address.
  6. Existing Email Address:

  7. New Email Address:

  8. If you are comfortable moving forward with changing the email address associated with your account, copy the verification code (in the example above: DHMOq_Wg) and click Change Email.
  9. This will bring you back to Handshake and ask that you enter the verification code.

  10. Once you have entered the code click Finish Email Change to complete this process.

  11. Visit your user settings to verify that your email address has been updated!
  • Note: If you have already created a new account on Handshake with the email address you wish to have changed to, you will need to email Handshake Support to delete and then follow the instructions from step 3. This will free up the email for use. 
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