Mass Email: Downloading Analytics

Tawnya -

You can now download mass email analytics from the mass email list page (also known as a quick download). 

These analytics will enable you to see the number of recipients, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and drops. 

To download analytics:

1. Click Mass Emails on the left navigation bar

2. Use the filters on the left to identify the list of mass emails you'd like to see, then select the mass emails you'd like to identify analytics for with the checkbox to the left of the email name. 


3. Click Download (in the top right under "New Email Template"). You'll see the following alert when the download is ready, so just click the blue link to download the file. You'll also receive an email with the file. 


The download will include the following fields

Note: Opened and Clicked include the total count - this means that students who open the email twice will be counted twice in the opened column


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