Mass Email: How to Mass Email Employers

Tawnya -

You can send a mass email from the Employers tab by following the process outlined here. 
1. Select the Employer section in the left navigation bar.
2. Select the specific Employers (companies) you'd like to reach out to using the checkboxes to the left of the company name.
3. From the column headers row, select Send Email to Associated Contacts:

4. A dialogue will populate asking you to confirm to proceed. You may be prompted to enter the # of contacts selected in order to confirm the recipients. Enter the number, then select Confirm.

Note: This will email all of your associated contacts at the specific company, so the number of contacts listed may total more than the number of companies selected, for example if you have multiple contacts for one company. 
6. This will navigate you to the Mass Email workflow, but instead of selecting individuals from the Recipients tab, this will already be populated:
Complete the rest of the Mass Email components, as outlined here: 
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