Managing the Approval Process After an Experience "Needs Review"

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The approval process on Experiences will halt if an approver has missed their approval deadline, if they declined the Experience, or if they didn't receive the approval email. This article will walk through the steps you need to take to restart the process as a Career Services user, so that ultimately the experience can be approved on time!


Indication the process has been halted:

If you see any Experiences that have been updated to "Needs Review" it means it requires some sort of action/management from a Career Services staff member.

This status will show on the main table on the Experiences page:


  • Needs Review means the approval process has been halted. If any of the contacts decline the experience or a deadline is missed emails will no longer be automatically sent and we will also set the status to needs review and you will be notified to update this information.
  • For more information on Experiences status definitions, explore this Help Center article  


How to manage the process once it has been halted:

1. Select an individual Experience to manage

2. Navigate to the Approvals tab:


3. Identify the reason why the Experience has halted. Here are a few of those options:


  • Expired:

If the status of an approval is expired it will show under the individual approver. In this instance, the approval process halted at "Ad Visor" because the approval email was sent, but the advisor missed the deadline for approval. 



  • Declined:

If the status of an approval is declined, it will show that status under the individual approver as well. In this instance the approval process halted at "Ad Visor" because the approval email was sent, and the advisor declined the experience information, for some reason.




The approver has the option to add a comment along with the status update, that would show under the "comment field," shown below:



4. To update and re-start that approval process, select the pencil icon next to the approver's name to edit the information:


5. Change the status to Pending:


Note: Directly updating this status will not send out any emails


6. Select the Save button

7. Navigate to the top of the page and select the "Edit" tab


8. Change the status of the experience to "Being Approved" and then click "Update Experience"


7. Once saved, select the "Send Approval Email" button for that approver where the process was halted:


This will restart the approval process.

8. Alternatively, you are able to copy the unique approval link for that approver.  You can send that out in an external email, if necessary:

If you have any additional questions about the overall workflow, explore these resources:

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