Legacy View: Requesting an Experience on Behalf of a Student

Tawnya -

Many parts of the Experiences process is easily managed from a Career Services, to make it simpler to manage one-off or time sensitive situations. This article will walk through the steps to requesting an Experience on behalf of a student. 

If you're using the new view in Experiences, refer to this article instead: Creating an Experience (on behalf of a student)

1. Navigate to the Experiences tab in the left-hand navigation:



2. Select the New Experience tab at the top of the page:



3. Complete the job and employer details, as well as any custom request questions:


Note: Make sure to choose the correct Experience Template so any custom survey questions you've configured will populate.


4. Update the status as necessary (you will most likely want to set it to "approved").



5. Save the request, and then explore this resource that walks through How to Kick off the Experience Approval Process.

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