How to Share a Job Posting via Social Media

Tawnya -

Once a job posting has been successfully created, you may want to share this posting through social media. You will be able to share the posting via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and email, or you can "like" the job posting via Facebook. 

To take these actions, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on Jobs in the left hand navigation bar
  2. Click directly on the name of the job you'd like to share via Social Media

  3. Once you're viewing that job's page, scroll down until you see Social Media sharing options towards the right of the page: 

  4. Click on the desired Social Media sharing option and a pop-up box should populate for you to edit the message on your posting and desired and share.
    1. Please note: You may need to log into your Social Media account before you're able to post. 

Troubleshooting Tip: Are you clicking on the option to share, but not seeing anything happen? Chances are that there is a popup blocker enabled on your web browser. Disable the popup blocker and try again, and you should see the popup appear. 

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