Troubleshooting: Help an Employer Confirm Their Account

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If you're working with an employer who is having an issue confirming their account because they aren't receiving emails from Handshake, feel free to send them the information outlined in this article. 
About email delivery from Handshake
Certain employers might run into an issue receiving emails from Handshake as a result of spam filters. Additionally, we will sometimes see issues where our emails are quarantined by the IT department and the confirmation is either halted or delayed. In these instances, the employer will want to reach out to their company to whitelist the domain and check for these quarantined messages.
Steps to share with your Employer
Very similar to the first troubleshooting steps the Handshake team sends, we recommend sharing the following information if an employer is having trouble confirming their account:
You can log into Handshake and select the "resend email" option" However, if you are still not seeing the email in your inbox, we recommend that you try the following steps below:
  1. Check your spam and junk folders to ensure that emails are not being filtered out.
  2. Check with your IT department and ask them to whitelist Handshake or check for quarantined emails.
  3. Add to your email contacts or address book.
I'm confident these steps will help you to receive the confirmation email!
Follow up
In other instances, we might see a user has chosen to stop receiving all emails from Handshake, which adds a suppression to their account. The Handshake Support team can remove this, but as it is less common, we always instruct employers who have issues confirming their account to follow the instructions outlined above!
Additionally, if the employers you are working with run into issues confirming after trying the steps outlined above, please feel free to send them on to our Support Team.
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