Troubleshooting: Error "You Cannot Post to Your School"

Tawnya -

If you are a Career Services user posting a job on behalf of an Employer or company, but run into an issue by receiving the following error:
Error message
"You cannot post to {your school} "
About this message
You are receiving this message because you are most likely attempting to post a job on behalf of an employer, but the employer you are posting for is either :
  • Not approved at your school
  • Not given any roles (such as Post Jobs, Post Events, etc) at your school
How you can help as a Career Services staff member
1. Select Employers from the left menu column, then select the Approved tab:
2. Search for the name of the company, then click on the result. On the company profile page, find the Employer Approvals section. In this example, you'll notice that there aren't any items listed under the "Permissions" section. 
3. To add those roles, select the Edit option. This will enable you to add the specific roles this employer should have, such as "Post Jobs"
 4. Save the updates to the employer profile and then try to repost the job - you should be good to go!
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