Safety: Flagging an Employer

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If you encounter a company in Handshake that elicits concern, you have the ability to alert other Career Services users by flagging the employer. Employers will not see that they have been flagged.

Best Practices for Flagging:

  • When vetting employers, know that employers who have a residential address or an industry size of 1-10 are likely just getting started, so this is not usually a cause for concern. 
    • PRO-TIP: instead of simply Googling an address, try searching the company name and the address together, and this can help you validate if the address is registered to the company!
  • Keep in mind that Employers are human, too! If you see an error that may just be an oversight, such as a website that ends in ".ocm" instead of ".com", chances are, this is not a reason to be suspicious, and probably just a typo. 
    • Aside from flagging, you can also communicate directly with the employer about your concern/observation by adding a comment on the company profile, in the Employer Approval box. The employer will receive a notification about your comment and have a chance to make the needed changes or otherwise address your concern directly: Screen_Shot_2018-11-12_at_4.52.16_PM.png
  • When placing a flag, include as many relevant details in the description box as possible. This will help our Fraud Team investigate mismatching information, fraud, or "other" situations as needed, as well as help other users better understand your flag. 
  • Make sure you choose the appropriate flag category for each flag:
    • Insufficient or mismatching profile information: This is for companies that have a nonworking website, or the address doesn't match what is listed on their site, the email domain for the user is different from the corporate/expected domain, etc. 
    • I don't like their hiring practices: This includes a bad interviewing experience from a student, poor communication between the company and applicant, recruiter was a no-show to a registered event or fair, etc. 
    • I don't like the roles they offer: This includes jobs that are strictly commission based, door to door sales or cold calling, multilevel marketing, internships that have program fees, etc.  
    • The employer is spamming my students: examples include repeated job postings or messages
    • This is a fraudulent or fake employer: This is for employers that have demonstrated fraudulent behavior/activity. 
    • Other: Everything else that doesn't fit in one of the other categories - think, nonworking website, mismatching location information on the profile/website, unpaid fair/event/OCI fees, etc. 

There are two ways to flag an employer, either from the "Flag an Employer" tab on the Manage Employers page (Method 1 below) and directly from the Company Profile page (Method 2 below). 

Method 1: 

  1. Click Employers on the left side navigation bar
  2. Click on Find Employers in the top right: Find_Employer.png
  3. Click on the Flag an Employer tab in the top right corner, where you will see this: flag_an_employer.png
  4. Provide the name of the employer in the dropdown menu and the reason for the flag.
    1. If you select Insufficient or mismatching information, This company is fraudulent or fake, or Other, the flag will be sent to the Handshake Support team to review and take action on.
    2. If you select This company is fraudulent or fake, you'll also be able to designate a specific user to associate with the flag.
  5. Click the green Create Employer Flag in the lower right when you are finished to save the flag. 


Method 2: 

You can also flag an employer from their page in Handshake:

  1. Click Employers
  2. Search for the employer you are interested in flagging
  3. Scroll down and click Flag this Employer  on the left side of the page. 
  4. Follow the steps 3 & 4 in Method 1 to categorize and save the flag. 


If you would like to see all of the Employers that are approved at your school and flagged, you can click on Employers from the left menu bar, then click on the tab for "Flagged".

Click on the Employer name to view the company profile and a link to the flag. Here's an example of what that page can look like: Screen_Shot_2019-06-07_at_8.31.20_AM.png


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