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Pinning items will show them as announcements "Suggested by your career center" in the students view. You can pin events, career fairs, jobs, employers, interviews and articles.

The amount of time a pinned item is visible depends on what is pinned: 

  • Items that have an associated date (such as a career fair, event, job, etc.) will remain pinned until the item has expired, such as the day after the activity has ended or the apply end date. 
  • Resources (articles) will remain pinned until the pin is manually deactivated. 

Create a new Pin

1. On the item you want to pin, locate the Actions section of the page, and click Pin Item.

2. Next, you will set the status of the Pin. 

  • Active: Students will see the pin on their home page
  • Inactive: Students will not see the pin on their homepage, you will be able to manage the pin in the school settings and activate it when you are ready

3. Click Create Pin, and set qualifications for the Pin (as desired), then click Update Qualification.

  • You can target Pins to certain groups of students at your university based on the filters on the Pin qualifications page.
  • The Student Drilldown will let you see how many students will see this Pin.



Review your pinned items

1. Click your name in the upper-right corner of the page, then click on School Settings from the dropdown menu. 

2. Click Pins from the menu on the left of the page. 


3. Here you can View Pinned Items, Edit Qualifications and Deactivate Pins.


We recommend that you do not exceed eight pins for each group of students that you are pinning items to. This is so students can view all of the pins on the homepage.  

Students will see up to 5 pinned items at a time.  They appear in the "Suggested by your career center" module on the student homepage:


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