Career Fairs: Adding “Extra Items”

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Once you've set up a new career fair, you can add extra "for purchase" items to the fair. These extra items might include: lunches for booth representatives, premium design packages, internet connection, booth supplies, or advertising space. 

Please refer to Creating a Career Fair for more help setting up a new fair. 

To add extra items, click Fairs on the left navigation bar. You will see a list of fairs that your school has created. Select the career fair that you'd like to add extra items to, then click Edit in the upper right corner of the page. From this page, click on Extra Item Options from the menu on the left side of that page: 



Click on Add Item in the upper right of the page to add a new item: 


On the following page, enter in the following information: 

  • Name: enter a name for the extra item
  • Type: if you have a multi-session fair, you can select either an individual session or general if you want the extra item available for all sessions
  • Description: provide more information on the extra item offered
  • Price: set the dollar amount the employer will need to pay for this item
  • Maximum allowed: the maximum count of items available per employer
  • Count: this is the total count of items available (Handshake will auto-enforce this number; when the extra item is at capacity, it will no longer be able to be selected.)


When you've finished filling out the fields, click the green button for Create Career Fair Item in the lower right. 

All employers registering for this fair will now see your extra item(s). If you already have employers registered for the fair and would like to make newly added extra items available to them, you will need to open the existing registration and add the extra items for the company. You can then send the company an invoice for the remaining balance.  
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