Mass Email: Emailing Contacts

Tawnya -

With Handshake, it’s easy to keep in touch with the rest of your contacts via mass email.

  1. Select Contacts on the left side navigation bar.
  2. You can narrow down the contacts you would like to email through the filters available at the top of the page
  3. If you would like to select results across multiple pages check the top box and then 'select all'
  4. If you want to select certain contacts from this list check the box next to their name


5. Finally, select the blue send email to contacts 

  1. Click the green Confirm option, and you will then be able to send an email through Handshake to your contact(s).

You will be redirected to your Mass Email page to finish designing and writing out the email. For any questions on creating a mass email,  check out our page on How to Send a Mass Email.   

Note: We should mention here that while you can personalize mass emails by using the variables in your email body, and using the % tag wrapped around it, this applies just for users’ information and does not work for contacts. So for example, you cannot use %first_name% or %last_name% type of language when emailing contacts. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.





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