Set Appointment Qualifications

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If you are interested in qualifying your appointments by School Year, Department GPA, Cumulative GPA, Major, College or Labels you can follow these steps.

First determine which types of appointments you would like to qualify and how your staff will add these to their profile.

  1. Open the school settings by clicking School Settings from the main drop down menu

  2. Click Appointment Types

  3. Choose an appointment types that you would like to create qualifications on

  4. Click Edit

  5. Click Requirements at the bottom of the screen

  6. Choose the qualifications that you would like to select

    • Pay attention to the student drill down on the right side of the screen to see how many students qualify for the appointment type

  7. If you would like this appointment type to be visible you should select no qualifications


If each advisor in your office works with a different group of students and you would like to make sure that students can only see appointments relevant to them then you will need to create appointment types for each of those groups. It works best if each group of advisors creates these appointment types with the same naming conventions.

Example for appointments that use colleges as qualifications

Note: the students will need to have the correct information on their profile to see the appointments that they qualify for.


Appointment Category

  • Industry Expertise

Appointment Types

  • Job Shadow - College of Engineering

  • Job Shadow - College of Education

  • Job Shadow - College of Arts and Sciences

  • Internship Selection - College of Engineering

  • Internship Selection - College of Education

  • Internship Selection - College of Arts and Sciences

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