About if Your Major (or Minor) is Missing or Incorrect

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Your major is an important component of your Handshake profile as employers frequently use major to connect with students and limit job applications to students with certain majors.

If your major and/or minor is missing in Handshake, it means that the Career Services Center at your school hasn't yet entered your major/minor data into Handshake (from your school’s  Registrar).

If your major and/or minor is incorrect in Handshake, it means either:

  1. Your major/minor is listed incorrectly with your school’s Registrar (the source of most student data in Handshake) possibly due to a recent change in major or minor, or

  2. The way you refer to your major or minor is different than the way the Career Services Center (and Registrar) has listed it.  (This is a relatively frequent issue).

Either way, you must contact your school's Career Services Center to request that they work with the school Registrar to add your major / minor data or that they update your data to reflect your current major / minor. While it is possible for you to manually update your major or minor on Handshake (to another major or minor recognized by your school), please note that your manual change will revert to your major or minor on file with the Registrar the next time Handshake receives a data update from your school (often weekly).

To Contact Career Services at Your School:

  1. Select Career Center from the top menu bar, and select My School

  2. On the right side of your school’s profile, you’ll see a section with Contact Information that includes an email address for your school’s Career Services Center.

Below that section, you’ll see a section called Public Staff List.  If you know who your personal career counselor is, you can click on their name to bring up their Handshake profile.  On the left side of the profile page, click on the  Send A Message button to send a direct message to your counselor through Handshake.

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