School Settings: Default Employer Approval Preferences

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Your school's default employer approval settings will determine what roles (if any) an employer is automatically given when you approve them for your school.  The more role approvals you grant automatically, the less manual work your staff will have to do to grant specific role approvals, and the faster employers will be able to engage with your students and schools.  

For example, if you tend to be selective about which employers can post interview schedules, you’ll want to require manual approval for this role.  If you allow any employer approved by your school to post jobs, you’d want to automatically approve this role. As a reminder, Handshake provides a Trust Score for each employer on the platform. You can use this score to help you decide which permissions to grant. To learn more about the Trust Score, read this article.  

The choice is yours and really depends on how much time you spend manually approving roles and whether or not you plan to grant different employers different roles.

To set your school’s default employer approval settings:

  1. From any page in Handshake, Click on your name in the upper right corner to display the Account Settings Menu.  
  2. From the list of options, click School Settings This will bring you into your school profile page.
  3. From the options in the center of the screen, click Employer Approval Preferences 

  1. Click the box(es) next to the roles you would like to grant employers automatic permission to. Note: Approval will automatically be granted to each school you approve for each role you check.
  2. Click Save Defaults



  • By selecting Post Interview Schedules or Post Events you are granting employers the permission to request these items. The career center will still need to approve these unless you select Auto Approve Jobs or Auto Approve Interview Schedules.
  • You can edit your automatic approvals at any time by repeating these steps
  • You can bulk edit your employer roles in the Employer bulk action section


From the employer perspective, once the connection is approved, your school will also need to be added to their Favorites list in order for them to see your school appear as an option for Events/Jobs/Interviews. 

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