Career Fairs: Customize Registration via Surveys

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When you create a new job fair in Handshake, our platform will automatically create registration forms employers and students will use to sign up for your fair.  It’s possible to customize those registration forms (so employers and students will see your school’s specific questions) by adding surveys to the registration forms.  

You can either create new surveys or use an existing ones. To learn more, read this article on creating surveys.  

Note:  The survey questions will be embedded in the registration form that employers and students complete, so adding a survey does not add a step to their registration process.

To add a survey to a Career Fair:

  1. Click Fairs on the left hand navigation bar. You’ll see a list of upcoming career fairs scheduled by your school.  (To learn how to create a new career fair, read this article on fair creation. 
  2. Select the career fair to which you’d like to add a survey for employers or students.
  3. Click Edit in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down to the survey section of the career fair registration form.

  1. Enter a Survey Title.  This is the heading that will appear above your survey questions.  Note if you include a survey for employers and students, both will see the same title.  If you do not include a title, “Extra Questions” will appear for both students and employers.
  2. To add questions to the employer registration form, use the Additional Registration Questions drop down menu to select the survey you’d like to add to the employer’s registration form.
  3. To add questions to the student registration form, use the Select Attendee Survey drop down menu, to select the survey you’d like to add to the student’s sign up form.
  4. Click Update Career Fair to save your changes.

When a student or employer registers for your fair, these survey questions will automatically be added to their form.

To view responses to any survey, click Surveys on the left hand navigation bar.  Click on the relevant survey to be taken to that survey’s overview page.  You can review responses here or click the Download Results button to receive a .CSV file of all results.



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