Mass Email: Scheduled Student Emails

Tawnya -

This article will help you create an RSS feed in Handshake which you can use to create a MailChimp campaign that will automatically send to groups of users you upload directly to MailChimp.

  1. Choose which type of feed you would like to create, Jobs, Events or Career Fairs
  2. We recommend that you use labels to group these items across the different categories
    • Example: Arts and Design Label
    • Apply the Arts and Design label to jobs, events and career fairs that should be sent to students who specify they are interested in Arts and Design. Learn more about adding labels to items here. 
  3. Finalize the RSS feed, move the status to Published and copy the link to use it in MailChimp

(Review this article to learn about the process of creating your MailChimp campaign using the RSS feed you created above). 

Note: For communication tips and examples from fellow schools, please check out our webinar on Handshake Marketing Best Practices.

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