About Using Search Students Feature

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How to Search for Students: 

  • Click Search Students in the left-hand navigation bar

  • Select the criteria for your search on the left side of the screen by using the available filters 

  • We have seen the best results by searching for: 
    • Major groups
    • Skills 
    • Organizations
    • Keywords (Examples: Student interests, programming languages, awards)
    • School year 
    • Schools 


Creating Saved Searches

  • If you created a set of filters you'd selected and would like to save, simply click on Save These Filters towards the top of the filter bar. 

  • A popup box will appear for you to Save this set of filters. Add a name and description and click Save when you're ready to save. 

  • You can now access these saved filters at any time by clicking on My Saved Filters towards the top of the filter bar  

  • This will populate a box of available saved searches for you to choose from. Click directly on the name of the saved search to see a detailed list of filters selected for that specific search. 
  • Once you have selected the saved search you'd like to use, click on Apply Filters. 
  • This will automatically repopulate your page with those saved filters. 

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