About if You Only See Fairs and Profile on the Left

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If you only see Profile and Fairs in your navigation bar, this indicates that your Handshake profile is not yet linked to your school.

In order to be connected with your school, and to have full access to all of your school’s content and services, you’ll need to be connected to your school.  Here are a few options to help you accomplish this connection:

  1. Check your email to see if you received an invitation from your school to start using Handshake.  This email will contain links to help you claim your school sponsored Handshake account.
  2. Try logging into Handshake using the same User ID and password you use to log on to your school’s website (to check your account or access the library for example). Handshake may have created an account for you using this information as provided by your school’s Registrar.  
  3. If you’re unable to login successfully with your school User ID and password, try resetting your password on Handshake (using your school email address as your User ID).
  4. If you’re still having trouble, contact the career service center at your school to request a Handshake invitation. To find your school’s contact information, use the search bar at the top of any Handshake page to search for your school. On the left side of the school’s profile page, you’ll find Contact Information and the school’s Public Staff List, either of which you can use to contact the school.  Be sure to include the same email address you used to create your account on Handshake in the email. It will be easiest for the school to verify your affiliation with the school if you send your email from your .edu email account.
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