About Employer Roles at Schools

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If a school’s status is “approved” for your company, you will be able to see a list of roles you have been granted permission for at that school. To see the list, click Schools on the left hand navigation bar. (Read more here if your status is Pending).

The following list defines each role and lets you know what activities each of the roles enables for your company.

  • Post Jobs - employer can post jobs for the school’s students to research and apply for.
  • Post Events - employer can inform students of upcoming events that the employer is hosting or participating in at the school.
  • Post Interview Schedules - employer can request interview schedules and reserve time slots.
  • Post Work Study Jobs - employer can post work study jobs for on-campus student employment.
  • Additional university options
    • Auto-approve jobs - employer is given prior approval to post jobs at the school - each job no longer needs to be individually approved by the school.
    • Auto-approve interview schedules - the employer is given prior approval to schedule interviews with students at the school. 

If you would like to engage in an activity or task you have not been approved for at a certain school, please contact career services at that school directly to request additional permissions. You can get the contact information of each University by clicking on the University's name on the Schools page. The contact information will be located on the left side of their profile page. Unfortunately, Handshake is not able to alter your permissions for any school.

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