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A career center is a way for you to work with different offices on your campus. If you would like to route interview and event requests to different career centers you can use this model. For managing students, job postings and employer requests you can use Saved Searches to make sure you are viewing only the information that is relevant to your office.

To view the career centers at your university visit the school settings page of your Handshake account.


  1. Click on Career Centers (if you do not see this option then you do not have any career centers set up and you can reach out to your Account Manager to set these up).
  2. Review the career centers that are active at your university and make sure that the options for requesting events and requesting interview schedules are correct.
    1. Available for events: Employers can request events at specific career centers. Employers will see the career centers that you have listed in the school settings that have Yes selected for Available for Events.
    2. Example from the employer perspective: 
    3. Available for interviews: Employers can request interviews at specific career centers.
    4. Example from the employer perspective: 

If you are interested in setting up an additional career center in your Handshake account please reach out to your Account Manager. 

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