Career Fairs: Cancel a Registration

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Only career services users have the ability to cancel a career fair registration. If you would like to cancel a career fair registration for an employer please follow these instructions.  

  1. Click Fairs on the left navigation bar
  2. Choose the career fair you would like to cancel the registration for
  3. Click the green employer registrations box
  4. Choose the employer that you are interested in canceling a registration for
  5. Click Cancel Registration in the Actions section of the Registration page
  6. This will bring up an information box that allows you to choose who to send the cancellation notice to and define a custom message. 
  1. Click Confirm and Notify
  2. This will send an email to the contacts that you have selected with your custom message. An example email is below:
  3. If you need to remove the charge from the registration in Handshake we recommend that you apply a one-off discount and generate a new invoice after that has been applied
  4. To send a refund from Stripe view this article:
  • Note - If you are using Handshake Payments, please use the form linked here to request a refund. 


Commonly Asked Questions

  • How do I see canceled registrations in the list of employer registrations?
    • Use the status filter or the Other filter to Include Declined Registrations
  • Can an employer pay for a canceled registration?
    • No, an employer can not pay for a canceled registration by credit card.
  • Can an employer see a canceled registration?
    • Yes, an employer can see a canceled registration in their career fair list. 
  • Can I refund a canceled registration?
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