Open Interview Schedules: When a Student is "Pending"

Tawnya -

A student will be pending on an open interview schedule if they do not meet the employer preferences set on the job.

For example:

  1. If the employer marks preferences on the job, those preferences must be met in order for the student to take a slot. In this example, the employer has marked a preference for School Year.
  2. When the student views the job posting, they will see that they do not match some of the employer preferences, and the details are listed on the right side of the page.Screen_Shot_2020-04-14_at_5.31.26_PM.png
  3. The student can still Apply despite this preference.
  4. The student will be added to the schedule with an application status of Pending.Screen_Shot_2020-04-14_at_5.36.22_PM.png

In order for the student to take a slot on the schedule, their application status will need to be manually updated to Primary, either by the Employer or a Career Services staff member.

If a student meets all of the qualifications on an open interview schedule they will be able to take a slot immediately.

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