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Handshake Insights is a way for you to explore, break down and share your data in Handshake.

It is very important to understand how the information is connected and its relationship to get the report that you are looking for.

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Getting Started

  1. Click Analytics or Reports on the left navigation bar
  2. Click Explore Insights from the tabs at the top of the screen
  3. This will take you to the Handshake Insights landing page where you can start to explore your data
  4. We call each collection of data an “explore”. You can see above examples of these explores, Students, Interview Schedules, Jobs, etc.
  5. Within each of these explores there are a variety of linked views containing different data attached to the base explore. For example within the Students explore you will see a view of the number of work experiences or documents a student has uploaded
  6. Within each view there are “dimensions” and “measures” which are described below
  7. Within each dimension and measure there are “filters” and “pivots” which are also described below


Dimensions - What data do I want? Dimensions are the column descriptors of your table.

Measures - What do I want to do with my data. Measures are the math on top of your data.

Filters  - How do I get the right data? Choosing the data that you are interested in.

Pivots - What if I have 2 questions? Pivoting enables dimensions to be displayed horizontally. 


Best Practices

  • Run only one explore at a time
  • Start small and simple and work your way up to more complicated explores
  • The best explores are those that return within a few seconds, if it takes longer than that you should try removing fields and starting simpler



  • More filters = less data
  • All data can be downloaded to excel, if you can’t do something in insights you can always download and transform there
  • Location searches - Filter on Lat_long and use syntax of: "100 miles from 41.8781136, -87.6297982"
  • Institution Labels are the labels created/apply to that item by your school. 


If you are having trouble pulling a report from Handshake Insights you can always reach out to here with the link to the report and we can assist you! Learn more about sharing your reports here. 


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