How to Share Reports

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If you are interested in saving or sharing a report built in Handshake Insights you can use the Share button located in the top right corner. This is a great resource if you would like to share a report with the Handshake Support team to either:

  1. Download more than 5000 rows
  2. Get assistance pulling specific reports

You can also use the report sharing feature to:

  1. Share a report internally to another co-worker with insights access
  2. Save a report you wish to come back to


Once you have selected the data you would like in your report:

  1. Click Share in the top right corner of the Handshake Insights page
  2. This will copy the link to the report to your clipboard so you can paste it in a support ticket to the Handshake Support Team, an email to your teammates or a Google Doc to save common reports that you are running. 
  3. You can also bookmark the page that you are on to easily navigate back to your report. 
    1. Example: 
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