Managing a Shared an Account with Other Recruiters on Your Team

Tawnya -

This article will teach you what to do if you'd like to personalize the schools you see on Handshake, but you share an account with other recruiters on your team.

Important note: Handshake strongly recommends that each individual recruiter set up their own individual accounts. 

Don't want to set up individual accounts? In this case, we recommend not personalizing your favorite schools list.

  • Since choosing the specific schools you see information for will allow you to only see applicants, jobs, interview schedules, and notifications from the schools you personally recruit at, please do not remove any schools from your list
  • If you do so, your teammates will not be able to find the information they're looking for
  • (But don't worry if you've already done so, you can easily add and remove schools at any time) You can also toggle between views by following these steps.
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