How can I bulk upload appointment types?

Tawnya -


Bulk creating appointment types in Handshake can take a while, we've tried to make it easier by also allowing a bulk upload method via our importer!  

Here are the most common steps to accomplishing this:

  1. Use insights explore to create a report of appointment types you'd like to bulk add.  It's also useful to explore majors, colleges, labels, and school year names and even add them to your report so that you can be sure you're working with the exact names you'll need when uploading the data.  Reminder: All data uploaded must be exactly the same in the upload file as it looks in Handshake.  Here is an example report you can use in insights.
  2. After you have your report in insights explore, you'll want to download it to CSV
  3. Then you can open that CSV and edit it in Excel, you want to rearrange the file to look like this:
  4. Next you can upload your file to the importer and we will get you setup for import!
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