Searching for Jobs in Handshake (Career Services)

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Jobs in Handshake have two IDs: the Job ID and the Posting ID. The job ID is connected to the job, which allows it to be shared across Handshake, and the posting ID is what connects the job to a school. A school will approve a posting (posting ID) that is connected to the job (job ID).

In general, you'll see the job ID across Handshake, but you'll be able to see the posting ID if you pull a report in Insights. In the example below, the far right column is the posting ID, which is specific to your school.



Job posting search

If you are interested in searching for a job by ID, you can do so via one of the methods below. 

Manage Jobs

1. Click Jobs on the left navigation bar, then select the approval status needed: Approved, Declined, Pending, Expired

2. Type in a job ID to the search bar job_id.png


Global Search

1. Type in a job ID to the general search bar

2. Select the job you are looking for 


Note: you'll only be able to pull up active approved job postings in this method. Expired or pending jobs will not appear in the search.


URL Search

If you know the job ID, you may input it into the URL.



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