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Contact filtering by User Status allows you to sort your contact list based on their user status in Handshake. 

User Status:

  • Active: The contact has an active user account in Handshake
    • When you open the contact and click View User Profile you will see that the user is active at their company in Handshake
    • You can reach out to them directly with a message in Handshake! 
  • None: The contact has not started the registration process with Handshake yet
    • You will not see the option to View User Profile with contacts that have this status since they have not yet started the Handshake registration process
    • If it has been a few weeks since you invited this contact to join Handshake you may want to reach out again with an invitation email
  • Pending: The contact has started the registration process with Handshake but they have not confirmed their account or connected with their company yet
    • When you open the contact and click View User Profile you will see that the user is pending at their company in Handshake or they have not yet requested access at their company
    • If the contact is Pending Staff Member Approval At [Company Name] you can connect them to their company by following these instructions: 
      • Click Employers from the left-hand navigation bar
      • Select the employer account you are interested in adding this staff member to 
      • Click Edit from the tabs in the top right corner of the screen
      • Click Staff Management from the list on the left side of the screen 
      • In the Add existing user by email... box type in the staff members email who is pending approval
      • Click Add User
    • If No Request Exists you will want to reach out directly to this contact with the steps to connect with their employer
      • Example language is below
  • Archived: This contact's user account has been archived and they no longer have access to login (this may be due to them leaving their company)



No Request Exists Example Language


Hello [Contact Name],

I see that you have not yet completed the Handshake registration process. You still need to connect with your company or create your company account in Handshake. Visit this page to learn more about the company setup process. [ ]

If you have any questions please reach out to our Support Team.


Looking forward to working with you! 


[University Sign Off]

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