How to Renew an Expired Job Posting

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If your job has expired, and you would like it to remain open to applicants, you will want to renew the job at all or some of your approved schools. 

Follow these steps to renew your job posting:

  1. Click Jobs in the left hand navigation bar

  2. Click on the Expired tab on this Jobs page 

  3. Click directly on the title the job you are interested in renewing

  4. This will take you to the job's overview page. On this page, click the blue Target More Schools button, located towards the right of the page.

  5. This will take you directly to the Schools tab for this job posting.
  6. OPTIONAL STEP: If you'd like to add any additional schools to this job, you may do so by clicking inside the box labeled "Search your schools to add job postings". 
    1. You may also type to search for a school in this box, or click on Add All Schools directly under this search box to add all schools not already added to the posting. 

  7. From here, click on the calendar icon towards the right of the Expiration Date box to select a new expiration date. 
    1. Editing the Global Expiration date will mass-update this date for all Schools currently listed on this posting. You may also choose to edit the Expiration date for individual schools by not changing the Global date, and rather selecting a new date and time next to the individually listed School(s). 
    2. Important Note: You must select both a date and specific time from the calendar icon in order for the date to update and save. Once both a date and time have been selected, these will be reflected in the Expiration Date box. The following screen shots show this as an example: 

  8. When you're ready and the updated date looks good to you, click Save in the bottom right corner. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Keep in mind that the status of the job will be reset from 'expired' to 'pending', as the schools' career services groups do need to approval the job again.
  • If you would like to renew the job posting, but would not like the past applicants to be associated with it, you may want to duplicate the job, and then post the duplicated job. You can see directions for this here. 


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