Attendees: Download Event and Fair Attendees Across Multiple Schools

Tawnya -

If you are sharing events and career fairs with multiple schools you can download all users that have registered or checked in for the event. To download all attendees open the career fair or event attendees page. 

*Note: You will also be able to download public resumes for all registered students, regardless of school, using the Download Resumes: PDF option.


  1. On the Attendees page you will only see students who have registered from your institution (this is because we display profile information on this page).
  2. By clicking Download Attendee CSV you will be able to see the following information on students who have registered or checked-in from all invited schools
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. School Name
    5. Registered Date
    6. Check-in Status (Yes or No)
  3. For students at your school, you will also see the fields below in the attendee CSV
    1. Username
    2. College
    3. Majors
    4. School Year

If you would like to learn more about how to invite schools to events view this article


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