iOS Native Apply

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iOS Native Apply Flow Overview


Overall Flow

New features for mobile:


1) Quick Apply: a fast and easy way to apply to jobs in two quick taps.


Conditions for Quick Apply:

  • Job has no required documents, or
  • Job only requires a resume - and user has previously uploaded at least one resume
  • Student has answered new work auth questions
  • Work auth and grad date match the employer’s preferences
  • Work auth and grad date don’t match employer preferences but the fields are locked

*Conditions are still met if student only has an unapproved resume

2) Document Upload: Users can now upload documents to jobs directly from their phones.

  • We use Apple’s native iCloud document picker
  • File types accepted include: Word Docs, Google Docs, PDFs and Text Files (20MB). We currently do not support JPEG or PNG.
  • Users may upload documents from any cloud-based file storage systems (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) as long as they have the app installed on their phones.

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