How to Configure Your University Request Message

Tawnya -

To better inform students about what is expected when requesting a Handshake account, we allow Career Services users to add a message to the student registration page. 

To add a User request custom message and link:

  1. Go to your school settings details page
  2. Add a User request custom message, make sure to include details about what is expected of students and alumni when registering for an account! 
  3. Add a User request custom link to direct students to an external site that they need to visit before being approved in Handshake 
  4. Add a User request custom link label to identify this link for students
  5. Add a User request additional info label to let students know what additional information they need to include to be approved as a user in Handshake.  Students will be presented with an empty field to fill in based on the label.


Note: If you add a user request custom message it will appear where you see the Handshake standard message, "Your school may have already created an account for you, which is pre-filled and ready to go. This account will be registered under your school email address (your .edu email address). Please try logging in using your school email first." 


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